Back to School or Back to the USSR?

Its that tiizzime of the year again when ruffians are forced back to school where we day dream about rail spots and pow lines. Teachers ask us why there are snowboarding doodles in our notebooks with slang words and crüe names. We never have a response, but this time tell your teacher to check out the new teaser for a Russian Snow Film “Kacceta 1.” The teaser is raw to the bone, imagine cold war shredding in the literal sense. Def will be waiting for this one to drop. Enjoy School:)


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DUBSHIBBY Slashes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Two members of the Dubshibby family show their support in the fight and awareness of the disease ALS. Of course, it is done in a shibtastic fashion with a little extra flare to it. Keep spreading the word and the donations against this terrible disease along with the only countless diseases world wide.

Grant DePhillips







Alex Castanzo

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HORGASM…. Sounds Nice Doesn’t It?

For anybody that hasnt peeped this movie it is sooooooooo worth it. Movie by Torstein Horgmo, the master and origionator of the triple cork, and a Norway Native. Heiaaa Norge. It is a mixture of outstanding shredding, hilarious comedic pieces, and awesome music as often shown on Dex from Dexpedition has many cameos and is too funny. Take a half hour break from whatever shit youre doing and hit play , you wont regret!!!!!!

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Suns Out Guns Out, Why Not Shred Some Drained Pools

At my current location of Yinzberg (Pittsburgh PA), the weather will hit a year high of 73 today. Pretty turnt about it to say the lizzeasst. I nice refreshing dip in a pool sounds nice, but then again….. some pools are still drained from the winter so why not SHRED SOME EMPTY POOLS! For inspiration check this vid part. Ben Raybourn absolutely annihilates empty pools. Hand plants, big airs, whatever, this mofo has it all. So hop in your backyard tell mom to frick off and start gnarring it up. (Dont worry snow vids will keep coming as usual) 

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New Flick Dropped From Barf Bags: RV Juice

If you like snowboarding as much as you like partying then this is sure a snowboard film for you and your party people. Solid dope hype turnt soundtrack to go along with the shreddin and puking. A fun watch no doubt. From some of the guys at lobster. 

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Alex Tanks Full Part in “A Way We Go” – Isensevens newest film.

Isenseven does it yet again with a perfect blend of the most ILL shredding on earth along with unreal cinematography. This part was just released recently but you must get your hands on a copy of the full film, so much partying! oh yeah and there is shredding too, almost forgot! Alex Tank is filthy, guy rips on anything, anywhere, and anytime. He’s got his own silky style thats just great to watch. enjoy the part. 

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Isenseven Winter Shred in Fernie, BC. Mesmerizing to Say the Least.

The Isenseven film crew took DBK and Stephan Maurer into the Fernie wilderness where the POW flows like wine, and the snowflakes fall like the salmon of capistrano. This film will make you drool for 6 minutes straight with amazing footage of nature, shredding, and a great soundtrack. This will get you in gear for these first few snowfalls. dubshibby til we die. 

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