DUBshibby is back yet again with another film comprised purely of blood, sweat, and beers.  Guns and Boats, this flick has everything from huge wake to wake inverted bangers, to body armor piercing AR-15 gunfire. The shibby squad rolled down to the Sassafras River to terrorize the locals. Old and new faces all showed up for this wild time. We may have had a few casualties from the Roman Candle fights, but those clips have been buried with our comrades. Enjoy the vid, because once again the events put into making it were pure pleasure.

If you need another reason to watch the video, peep the soundtrack! Our West Chester PA friends Rollin’ Loaded was kind enough to let us use one of their ear orgasmic soundtracks to add just some extra flavor to the video. Go check out their songs and even catch a show, they’re sure to please.

Keep checking back with us, and tell all your friends and foes! DUBshibby is taking off to new horizons. If you got videos you want to be seen by the world for purposes of getting hooked up with a big production company, or just wanna show case your rips, send us what you got, we’d love to share it for you!

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Tantalizing Backcountry Blizzard Bangers.

TBcubed if you will. From young to old, a wide generation of snowboard legends take to the Whistler Backcountry. From old heads including flying Finn Jussi Oksanen, midlife mountain man John Jackson, to young gun Mikkel Bang. Im not sure if they are in heaven, or the north pole with the amount of snow they are riding through. Makes for soft landings on the big booters nonetheless. A short clip with a perfect soundtrack if ya ask me.

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CWG Ep 2. Shows What POWder Shred is all Abooot.

Not many of us urban suburb cave dwellers know what full on powder riding is all about. Sure we get dumped on from time to time and try to rip first tracks or find a zesty hill somewhere to throw a booter on, but that isn’t trüüü powder riding. Im talking backdoor back country pow pillows, as white as cocaine, that you can disappear in, where you float as if you’re gliding on literally nothing. Not even that dude who they say walked on water knew what riding powder feels exactly like. This episode of CWG really shows you what its like without actually being there. They are unbelievable at this style and you can see that at times it can be hard work and sweat may just drip down lil Johns bawls.

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Grant Dephillips Wins 1st Place in Collegiate Wakeboard Comp!

DUBshibby’s own Grant “Skeeter” Dephillips came home with a few pieces of hardware after the Collegiate Wakeboard Eastern Regional/National Qualifier in Knoxville Tennessee. This competition was hosted by the University of Tennessee on the glassy agua of the Tennessee River. Grant Rick Rolled the competition taking home 1st Place in his Wakeboard division, as well as 2nd Place in Wake skate. Keeping the girls on the sidelines  biting their fingernails Skeeter tossed up some bangers including a Raley, Tantrum, TS Frontroll, HS Shifty FS 180, Tail grab boned to the heavens, TS Indy, to name just a few.        G-unit  kills it on the water so Im not really surprised at all. Dedicated, authenticated, and has balls as big as vaterrrmelons. grant scarecrow

Fully Torqued Krypt

The riders were all being pulled by a 2014 Nautique G23 as well as a  2015 Mastercraft X-Star, some sexy boats to get your mouth waterin, on some oh SHIT. We all wish Grant a gold filled rest of the season.

I figured most of you were wondering where we can see footy of some of his gnar rips, so check back for our film GUNS AND BOATS that is about to drop real soon.

grant riding knox tenn

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New Season of CWG (3) is Underway!

Eero, Heikki, and Lauri have started dropping their episodes from the new season of Cooking With Gas. They take you through how the life of a shred ripper goes form start to finish, and how it isn’t all money shots and glory goals. Bails bails and bails sometimes come along with getting a banger shot and these Finns are some of the best in the business. All three have ripped through a few decades and have experiences changing times and nothing stops these apocalypse dudes!

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DUBshibby Spreading Its LoveJuice Across the World

So I was cruising the data info of most of the videos we’ve posted over the past 5 years and I got a mini chub for a few seconds when I saw all the blue painted all over the globe. Pretty gnar-tastic if you ask me. Amazing how things can travel so far and even people who don’t even know what a Dubshibby is can come across our videos. I just hope they all enjoy them as much as we do. Slovakia seems to have a problem with us though. Maybe they just like blue balling americans by letting vids load then pulling out just before the finish. Come on Slovakia, we love you too. Sri Lanka even gave us a chance, not sure if its even ever snowed their but hell, what do I know. Once again we thank you for watching and spreading the lord’s good word, the Lord OF the SnowFortress that is.
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.25.43 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.26.07 PM

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Isamu Yamamoto: The 11 Year Old Rodney Mullen

When I saw a video clip of this kid floating around Facebook I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Immediately I was reminded of the Albert Shredstein of skateboarding, Rodney Mullen. The tech tricks involving so much creativity and skill, which only a handful of people in the world are doing. The thing is, is that this kid is…. well a KID. These two videos show what this little Japanese shredgnar is all about. Kid has some Shibby in him for sure. Watch this and get inspired.


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