The “Stroms” are Chilly in Iceland! BYND X MDLS

Backstrom and Lundstrom take to the streets of Iceland, home of the Helgasons to shoot their next episode of BYND X MDLS. As usual they bring crazy tech street moves mixed with endless laughter just having good times and goofing around. They show that its not always work out there, you gotta have fun to get the shots. Pop this in your VCR and see what Iceland brings to the table!

Oh yeah and happy new year all ya’ll playas out there. 

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Santa’s Gift to you…..The Manboys are back, Episode 4: Photobalm

Merry Christmas from the DUBSHIBBY family!! We hope kris kringle treated all you homies good this year. Sadly he didn’t drop down his white good good this christmas, but I think he’s saving it for a later date which will be sure to please. Check out this new episode of the Manboys, a slightly different vibe from the last one we posted. The sound track plus the powder bangers and smooth slashes in the back country really tug on the heart strings, a tear or two might drop depending on your state of mind. Super moving episode and really gets you motivated. These guys are true shredders. Enjoy.

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NoToBo Finally Dropped! Trick Level Massive

The long anticipated movie from the Helgasons and Sexual Snowboarding, “NoToBo,” has finally found it virally onto our computers. Freddie Mercury would be nothing but ecstatic. I through up a short roof to roof gap clip earlier in the year and well you can find it all right here. These dudes bring creativity to the next level every. single. time. Gulli, Ethan Morgan, and other shredders also make big appearances in this movie. Worth a watch no doubt. Most of you people are coming home for break, yeah I said you people, so take 20, cop a squat, and watch this gnarly shred flick. If you like kittens, you can even find them in this movie, no lie.

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Manboys King of the Elephants take control of hill in their latest episode

Check out the gnarly bangers from some Manboys presented by Monster Energy.

Burton: Backcountry.

What better way to celebrate a West Chester snow day than to watch a powder film from Burton before you go out and shred the elements yourself. Film/Editor/rider Matt Westlake sent this film across my desk. The Burton team old legends and new rippers took to a few exotic destinations of the world in search of the deepest softest untouched powder. The pillows are as big as hotel pillows that are immediately thrown off the bed, so I’m sure you can imagine the size. Burton always does it huge and thats a fact. The cinematography, plus the skill of the riders make for just a grade A film. Sit back, throw some hot Cocoa on the stove, light your fireplace, and enjoy! Shibby Out

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Could Hover Boards Be the Future?!?!?!

Legend Tony Hawk had the good fortune to test out an extremely high tech hover board. This isn’t some prank or hoax, a legitimate board that hovers through some wild technology and probably some witch craft magic has been created. Tony Hawk not only tests it out on flat ground but gives it a ride on a mini pipe!!! This is quite an amazing video. Might have to start saving pennies up for one of these. DUBshibby might be opening up a new category of shred: Hover Boarding. Very curious to see the future of this.


Pay Homage- Craig Kelly – OG.

If you don’t know who Craig Kelly was you’re long overdue for a lesson on the creators of snowboard style. Maybe you try to mimic some of your favorite rider’s styles, or try some of the wild tricks that they do. The thing is, down the grape vine and the lineage of snowboarding there is one man standing at the base, Craig Kelly. This video shows what he was all about and how much respect he holds in the snowboarding community. He sadly passed in 2003 from an avalanche that claimed the lives of 6 other skiers and riders as well. No doubt he passed in the environment that he loved. He was highly respected around the world and gave back to the shred community in so many ways, not only in snowboarding. Kelly was one of Matt Beren‘s snowboarding idols. Both men of nature and mountain riding,  he was a big inspiration. Check out the silky smooth style of Craig in the video below- Chasing the Spirit of Craig Kelly. 

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Family Wave Runnin – Littstantuleo Edition

It was once said that the family that walks on water together, stays together. Don’t remember who said it but pretty sure somebody did. Thats what DubShibby is, one big family. One sect of the family took to the waters of Ocean City this past summer and let out the wave beasts for a couple hours. Lots of smiles went into making this short little production. If you’re afraid of the cold weather coming, this video is sure to warm up your soul.

PS. Welcome to the new and improved site!!!

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We apologize if we are disrupting your daily pleasure sesh, but this is for the better, trust us! Next time you check back I guarantee there will be ghost ectoplasm everywhere!!!


DUBshibby is back yet again with another film comprised purely of blood, sweat, and beers.  Guns and Boats, this flick has everything from huge wake to wake inverted bangers, to body armor piercing AR-15 gunfire. The shibby squad rolled down to the Sassafras River to terrorize the locals. Old and new faces all showed up for this wild time. We may have had a few casualties from the Roman Candle fights, but those clips have been buried with our comrades. Enjoy the vid, because once again the events put into making it were pure pleasure.

If you need another reason to watch the video, peep the soundtrack! Our West Chester PA friends Rollin’ Loaded was kind enough to let us use one of their ear orgasmic soundtracks to add just some extra flavor to the video. Go check out their songs and even catch a show, they’re sure to please.

Keep checking back with us, and tell all your friends and foes! DUBshibby is taking off to new horizons. If you got videos you want to be seen by the world for purposes of getting hooked up with a big production company, or just wanna show case your rips, send us what you got, we’d love to share it for you!